Eye on the Prize

African-American women have struggled with insecurities about many issues, especially hair. The struggle comes in trying to fit the mold of mainstream society and Corporate America. Eurocentric ideals create this picture of what people should look like in public, and in the workplace.

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False Appropriation


Many people in the United States, especially black people, have become fed up with the constant police brutality that somehow displays great consistency, even with repeated public backlash after every incident. How is it that black people are killed by police at such a large disproportion in this country?

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You may have heard about someone named Cam Newton. He’s the starting quarterback for the North Carolina based NFL, team, the Carolina Panthers. Newton has been in the national spotlight since his college years and his career has been decorated with success, but also highly scrutinized since his college days, in which he went to three different schools.

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