Racial Preference in Dating and Relationships

Is it racist to only want to date members belonging to a certain race?

If the question were reversed (i.e. is it racist to not want to date members…), the answer seems a little more obvious. When someone points out he/she won’t date someone else because of his/her race, the bigotry in his/her statement is quite apparent. However, in claiming to only be attracted to someone because of their race, one is able to hide one’s racial bias in the guise of admiration.
How can someone claim to be attracted (or not) to an entire subset of the population? It can’t just be based on appearance, as we all know how different members of the same racial group can look. Claiming you like redheads better than blonds is NOT the same as claiming to like Asian men over White ones. I’m just gonna leave this right here:




Race maybe a social construct, but its effects are very real.

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