Be the Change You Wish to See in the World

In 1963,  songwriter and artist, Sam Cooke wrote the song A Change Is Gonna Come which became one of the many songs of the Civil Rights Movement. In the song, he describes the racial injustices many black people face on a daily basis. However, despite this sad reality for African Americans in America, he continues to echo his hope and belief that better times are ahead. Although, this song describes the hardships of America in the 60s, it can very easily be applied to contemporary times. This fact, is very sad, but like Sam Cooke, I too believe that “A change is gonna come”.

I believe it will begin in the classroom, at all levels of education. When people are educated about race and its history, they are more likely to self-evaluate and reconsider what race means to them. That is the first step. I also believe, that thanks to the internet, we are now living in a time where people’s voices can be truly heard. It gives people to access to spread messages that can start mass movements and change perceptions. People today, are more powerful than they ever have been before. Therefore, with the rise of racially-educated and sensitive generation, the complexities of race may be brought to the forefront of discussion which may lead to great change for all races. Finally, I believe there will be a gradual change in race relations for the better because there has not been a period in history where progress, even at the micro-level, has not been made.

With that, I urge everyone in this class, regardless of race, to keep the conversation going. We have now been equipped with the tools to make impactful change in our country’s race relations. In discussions, we have knowledge that many of those who argue against the change do not have. Use it and use it often. We are the future leaders of the world and, one day, we will find ourselves in a position where race will come into play. Do not forget the things we have learned this semester. Let us create a world where race isn’t indicative of a person’s status. I would like to close with a quote that should ring in your heads whenever faced with any form of racial injustice, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. It’s on us and I believe we are up for the challenge!


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