In my life, I have spent an unreasonable amount of time watching and re-watching Chappelle Show, Key & Peele, and The Boondocks. The similarity between all these shows is in the writer’s often finding comedic value in absurd representations of black stereotypes and culture. In our final class discussion, we found that sometimes racial comedy can lead to an accidental reaffirmation of the very same stereotypes performers try to poke fun at. This places black performers of racial comedy in a position of high risk, high reward.


The black Republican skit of Key & Peele I find to be one of the funniest skits of their show. I think I find it so funny because most black comedians have avoided the idea of black Republicanism; either due to the rarity of the black Republican, or maybe the idea of a black Republican is so absurd they do not even approach the subject. In a time where Donald Trump leads GOP polls, it is obvious to see why black voters do not turn out much for The Republican Party. Either way, this fact alone makes the skit unique and, in my opinion, hilarious.


If you would like to see racial comedy different than the typical black comedic tropes, watch this video:


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