Free Speech Suppression: A Real Example

The Amherst College sit-in generated many opposing comments condemning the movement’s perceived assault on Free Speech. By categorizing the movement in this light, the opposition has been able to frame an honest attempt at achieving institutional equality as anti-American. When I first heard about this new discourse, my only response was to let out a sort of strained laugh. I did not know what to say at first, but I knew the person informing me could only take my laugh as an expression of pain and exhaustion.


A video recently surfaced from a Trump rally displaying a situation which I would consider a true assault on Free Speech. This rally was also the rally in which Trump laid out his potential plan to tag Muslim-Americans like cattle in response to the recent Paris attacks. Keep in mind, I know that there were other attacks around the world which were silenced by the overwhelming response to Paris, but I am guessing Trump was only considering Paris as a motivating factor for his plan.


Anyways, this video shows a Black Lives Matter activist being physically assaulted for exercising his right to Free Speech. Through violence, this black man must recognize that these proponents of free speech may not truly grasp what that means. This video reminds me of a time when some white Americans restricted black ambition through the use of coercion and physical violence in the Jim Crow Era. These Trump supporters must really love reenacting American history.


I would never subscribe to the idea that my analysis must be taken as truth, so please watch this video and tell me what you think.


3 thoughts on “Free Speech Suppression: A Real Example

  1. While that video was hard to watch, I do agree with you that it is a true representation of the repression of freedom of speech. I think it’s interesting, yet predictable, that this was assault happened at a Trump rally, because he is running his campaign to cater to the white working class. He wants to “make America great again” and implicitly promotes racial divides to achieve support.


  2. His appeal to the white working class shouldn’t baffle me but it does. As you say he is directing his campaign at them. But I mean, isn’t he the antithesis of the white working class citizen? I would expect him to receive some of their support, but at the moment he has such a vast majority of them that I just can’t knock my confusion.


  3. He is the antithesis of the white working class citizen, but he is also the epitome of what the white working class aspires to be. They want to be wealthy and Trump is pretty much saying he will give them the “hand up” (economic mobility) they feel they deserve. He also promotes this economic mobility in a way that makes working class white people the victim; he follows the rhetoric of,”other presidents and their laws caused ‘injustice’ to the white working class.”


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