Anti-Presidential Racism and White American Fluidity

The other day, I was having an argument with a conservative friend of mine about whether or not there is racism directed toward Obama. In order to prove my point, I showed him a couple of the images below that were displayed during the 2012 election with Mitt Romney.




After showing my friend these images, he gave me the exasperated response I was almost certain he would: “well not all white people think like that.” While he is right, there is a whole lot of hypocrisy hidden in that statement. This same friend of mine “isn’t quite convinced” that Islam is a peaceful religion.

This exposes a contradiction that we have discussed in class this year; white people are allowed all sorts of flexibility while people of color are all too often defined rigidly. To expand, a white person can publish incredibly racist images of the leader of the free world, but not all white people are racist. However, when one member of a religion of 1 billion plus acts according to their perverse interpretation of Islam,  every Muslim is dangerous.

And you know how the rest of the argument went: what I said was “ridiculous” with no real explanation of why. I wonder when it won’t be ridiculous.

  • Lee Owen



One thought on “Anti-Presidential Racism and White American Fluidity

  1. I think Prf. Drabinski put it best when he said “Every white person is an individual, not part of a race”. It really is ridiculous that we keep having these incidents that bring the double standard to light, but nothing seems to change. You’re wondering when it won’t be ridiculous… I’m starting to wonder if it will ever cease to.


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