White People and Anti-White Bias

This is a paper I read last fall and I reference it in my final paper as well. It’s basic premise is that white people now believe anti-white bias is worse than anti-black bias in America. It definitely informs how I think about racism in America. It’s very short and worth reading.


One thought on “White People and Anti-White Bias

  1. On the note of really disturbing psychological studies, yesterday I took a few of Harvard’s Implicit Bias Test on the recommendation of a friend. After I took the Light-Skin vs. Dark-Skin test, I was led to a page the showed both my personal results and the general results of the study: 54% of people have a strong or moderate implicit bias toward light skin, and another 17% have slight automatic bias. Anecdotally, the friend who told me to take the study, who is a POC, said that he had a slight automatic preference toward white people, and that he’s had other POC friends say they got the same result. Take the study yourself here: https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/selectatest.html.


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