#WhitesAgainstDonaldTrump is a new hashtag trending on social media today and it got me thinking. What does Donald Trump have to do with “white supremacy” and “white privilege”? Then, it dawned on me! How else would a man get away with  half of the outlandish,bigoted, or sexist things Trump has said in the past eight months without it having  something to do with the fact that he is a rich white guy? What this hashtag is calling for, is for white people, both democrat and republican, to stand against Trump and call him out for embarrassing the white race by running on a platform that is deliberately racist. It points to a very interesting point in the fact that whiteness grants white people with the privilege to feel no need to distance themselves from other white people that step out of line whilst, all other races are forced to in fear of getting typified by those actions. Here we see good old “white privilege” at work yet again. However, can white people consider themselves “anti-racist” or that we live in a “colorblind” society and not speak up against a man using race/ethnicity/religion/sexual differences to win an election? I think not because doing nothing, especially in politics, is showing support.  Adam Mansbach, contributor to the political website Saloon.com, puts it quite bluntly,

Donald Trump isn’t a Republican issue or a rich person issue or a human issue. Donald Trump is a white person issue. Whenever Ben Carson says batshit crazy nonsense, black people rise up, and let him know he needs to STFU. It is time, white people, for you to finally step up and recognize that you also (even more so) have a responsibility for your race…Stop acting like Trump isn’t the pinnacle and the result of America’s history and tradition of white supremacy.

The sad truth is, even Trump understands this fact and is running with it because, sadly, it is working out great for him.

When he first started his presidential campaign, I would be lying if I didn’t think it was a big joke and that he wouldn’t last two months in the race for the White House. However, two months went by and the exact opposite outcome was unfolding  right before  my eyes. It seemed, the more ridiculous he got, the more his poll numbers rose and now he is the front-runner for the Republican party. Is Donald Trump racist and does he truly believe what he says? That is hard to say however, it is evident that his campaign strategy is to pander to white supremacist or xenophobic thought that many of his supporters feel have been suppressed by contemporary “political correctness”. He is the self-proclaimed, “voice of the silent majority”.

How is he doing  this?

His campaign slogan: “Make America Great Again”– What time period is this slogan really referring to? His “About” page on his campaign website says it all if you read between the lines. He claims to use twitter to “educate the public on the failures of the Obama administration” without actually elaborating on the policies that Obama has implemented that have diminished America’s “greatness”. By doing this, he leaves one to assume that America was “great” before Obama. This important to note because during Obama’s approval ratings have dropped significantly from both college educated and non-college-educated whites over the past six years of his administration. A Gallup poll taken in 2014, indicates that for college educated whites, Obama’s approval rating dropped from 54% in 2009 to 41% in 2014. For non-college-educated whites, it dropped from 48% to 27% which is significant because roughly two-thirds of adult whites have not graduated from college and take up considerable amount of America’s “working -class” population. Therefore, their size alone makes them an important voting class. There is a direct link between white supremacy and class divide (click this link to read why). Therefore, by promising to “Make America Great Again” and bring America back to a time before Obama, it is evident that Trump is targeting the white working class who may be struggling in today’s economy using their white supremacist sentiments to his advantage.

His divisive rhetoric and result: Just watch the clip below and listen to how he speaks about Mexican and Muslim immigration. The clip below says it all and guess what, Trump is unphased by the implications of  what his rhetoric a his growing white supremacist voting base will do to race relations in America.


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