Dolezalian Authenticity and Solidarity

During today’s conversation on authenticity and solidarity, I couldn’t help but think about how Rachel Dolezal fits into this narrative.Recently Dolezal publicly admitted to being born white:

This “development” brings up the question as to the need for authenticity in her drive for solidarity with the black community. Omi and Winant point out that race is not a mask (Chapter 3) however Dolezal treats it as such. She places the need for authenticity (despite how much it wasn’t needed in her former role as NAACP Chapter President) over the more important need for solidarity with the Black community. Dolezal thereby reduces race and racial attributes to cultural differences, as suggested by the ethnicity-based paradigm, and the biological differences that race transcends.

Does Dolezal’s attempt at authenticity carry deeper implications in the movement towards solidarity in the Black community – especially since the community is already divided along colour lines?


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