Bryan’s Question Corner #2: Something Besides “Anti-Racist In Theory”

Here is my question for the conclusion of Omi and Winant’s Racial Formation:

In the conclusion, Omi and Winant suggest that “blacks observe and comprehend racism (and whiteness) with far more dignity and political depth than white culture could ever manage.” I remember having a thought like this while I read Alcott’s mestizo identity: it took until my second semester at Amherst for me to find classes that forced me to complicate my thoughts on race beyond the idea that “race is something you’re born with.” But during the prior 12.5 years, I was surrounded by classmates who lived with “the troubling knowledge that our social self was grounded on a lie.” Is it possible for white people to be something besides “anti-racist in theory” even though, unlike minority groups, they aren’t subjected to racial terrors, aggressions, and injustices that force them to complicate race?


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