Notes on posting

This is an open space for discussion, as well as curated space for a variety of guided projects on incarceration and race. A few things to keep in mind for each post here…

  • Always use the “Read More” option, which keeps your post from taking up scrolling space. As well, using the “Read More” option reminds you to announce the theme of your post and garner interest in the first sentence or two. It looks like this:
  • read moreFor example, a post that starts “I’m going to make a provocative argument here: the meaning of X is Y and the implication is Z. Let’s start with some key observations. (read more)” gets someone to click and does not take up an extraordinary amount of space on the front page.
  • Use tags. This makes the site more engaged and interconnected.
  • Use images and videos whenever helpful. This engages the reader.
  • Use your best writing voice. I value these posts as a chance for you to explore ideas and to write important things in concise form.

– Professor Drabinski


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