Notes on posting

This is an open space for discussion, as well as curated space for a variety of guided projects on incarceration and race. A few things to keep in mind for each post here… Continue reading


Racial Sellouts

Earlier in the semester, we discussed how, to be accepted into the white society, many prominent black figures have had to compromise aspects of their blackness. We named people like Barack Obama and Oprah, who have had to “soften” lots of the statements they have made and actions they have taken when racial politics are concerned. Continue reading

“Check your White Priviledge”

Apart from those which are made with more than just entertainment in mind, very few TV shows I’ve seen have addressed race in a manner that doesn’t try to make light of the issue. That is why I was really excited when Grey’s Anatomy, one of my favorite shows, decided it was time to talk about the implications of race in the workplace. Continue reading